Starlite Vintage Resort

Step in and enjoy your luxury time capsule adventure.

Experience the luxury time capsule at Royal Gorge. 
The only 1960s-themed retro recreation resort 
in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Step Back in Time. 
Step-Up Your Adventure.

Starlite Vintage Resort is located minutes from the world-famous Royal Gorge Bridge & Park in Cañon City, Colorado.

Situated on over 10 acres with eye-popping views of the Rocky Mountains, the Starlite Vintage Resort provides a variety of luxury accommodations themed around the timeless trends and classic movies of the era that introduced America to the Beatles, man’s first walk on the moon, Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, the Woodstock Rock Festival, and the enduring kids’ TV shows, Sesame Street and The Flintstones.

Experience something special, immerse yourself into the world of wonders.

Awaken in a classic motorhome, revel in the charm of a vintage travel trailer, and step back into the golden eras at Starlite Vintage Resort.

A blast-from-the past glamping experience.

Experience the charm of Starlite's vintage trailers, each with its own 'celebrity' claim-to-fame. Numerous campers have graced the pages of Vintage Trailer magazine, while others have made appearances in films such as "Elvis Has Left the Building" and the TV series "In Plain Sight."

The entire property is designed to give guests a lavish blast-from-the past glamping experience, in a unique and memorable way.

Come relax, kick back, and enjoy your stay!

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Our Trailers offer an opulent resting space in vintage décor. Find your perfect stay from over 30 unique set-ups and styles.

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Step into the past with our vintage accommodations surrounded by fabulous views of the Rocky Mountains. Stay in a charming travel trailer, a classic RV and more, located minutes from the world-famous Royal Gorge Bridge & Park in Canon City, Colorado. Indulge in a unique “blast-from-the-past” glamping getaway that's both lavish and memorable.